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your outsourced sales department

Call Center for inbound and outbound calls. We find clients by calling all over the World!

High conversion | You pay for results, not for minutes | We work 24/7


More than 100 successful projects 


17% average conversion


More than 7300 clients were brought to our partners


We speak and sell in 8 languages

Easy calls - more sales, more customers!



What are we doing?

We sell goods and services of our clients

We make cold calls

We handle your incoming calls 24/7

Informative telephone calls

Build up client databases

We create and send out commercial offers

We return former customers

We shedule meetings and invite to your events



Benefits of cooperating with us

The turnkey sales outsourcing 

Staff, communications, CRM, office, training - this is no longer your concern. 

Large coverage of target audience          

Each manager is able to call up to 150 companies a day.

The sales growth   

You will increase the customer loyalty, the number of transactions and attract new loyal customers.    

Time saving 

You will not need to spend time on the organization of the call center, search for sales managers and their training.    

Reducing of costs      

You save on paying the office rent, staff salaries, taxes and procurement logistics.

Satisfied employees

You do not have to deal with cold calls. Work only with the "warm" and "hot" customers. 

Ask for the commercial proposal?

when do you need the outsourced sales team

1. It is unknown where and how fast to find new customers

 2. Lack of own sales department

3. Managers make cold calls not effectively

 4. Have to spend time on learning

Cold calling and outbound telemarketing are ones of the most effective methods of attracting the customers, and we have all the necessary resources to deliver your information to potential customers.

The creation  of sales department requires hard work, research and training of personal, CRM, telephony, payment of salaries, taxes, and additional space. In this case, we take all these epxenses to ourselves.

We take this issue on. Our managers have only one duty – to call. If this does not work, he does not earn.

In our company work highly qualified trainers , who always look after sales managers and improve their skills.

5. No possibility for a qualitative control of sales department

  6. No one wants to be engaged in sales

7. Other channels do not bring the desired result

8.  There is no platform to scale the business

Working with us, you get daily reports with the results of calls and call recordings, and the ability to make quick changes and adjustments in the course of events.

Everyone must do their job. Our employees - the brilliant negotiators with experience from different industries. Do not torture your employees, provide sales to professionals.

We are able to make great coverage of your target audience in a short period of time and to bring first customers tomorrow and to know which other proposals and conditions are interested to them. This will give much greater effect than untargeted displays of advertising.

With the increase of new customers you will be able to discover the opportunities to sell additional products and services that cover the target audience from other countries and regions, and to develop plans for repeated sales.



The most popular service - Cold calling



100 companies In terms of this tariff we make in average 500 calls

Preparation of the client database

Making the call scenarios / scripts

Cold calling

Access to decision-makers 

Committing of data

Sending out commercial offer

Repeated calls

Receiving the feedback

Daily report

Call recording



150 companiesIn terms of this tariff we make in average 1000 calls

Preparation of the client database

Making the call scenarios / scripts

Cold calling

Access to decision-makers 

Committing of data

Sending out commercial offer

Repeated calls

Receiving the feedback

Daily report

Call recording


300 companiesIn terms of this tariff we make in average 2000 calls

Preparation of the client database

Making the call scenarios / scripts

Cold calling

Access to decision-makers 

Committing of data

Sending out commercial offer

Repeated calls

Receiving the feedback

Daily report

Call recording

  • The cost of the tariff depends on the number of companies in operation. The more companies in work - more profitable!
  • Into account are taken only those companies which have been worked out under the scheme:                                                                                                         Access to the decision-makers - sending out commercial offer - repeated call to decision-makers – receiving the feedback.




DOES NOT PAY for communication services

Hide payments

      ARE MISSING     

Are taking into account only

EFFECTIVE contacts 



6 reasons why you should choose Easy Calls

The result is guaranteed


We guarantee the result. If you have not received it, we would modify it by our own expense.

Its cheaper than having own sales department

Forget about taxes, salaries, pay for office and communication. You pay only for the result.

The international experience

We work with companies from Europe and the CIS countries. 

The wide coverage

We speak 8 languages ​​and are able to reach customers anywhere in the world.

The project flexibility

You do not need to keep a staff of employees. You run sales when you need them.

All is inclusive

For the fixed price you get a sales team under the "key". There are no additional, hidden charges.                    

sales - when there is a result!

Everything else is just words.

How to build up the work with us


Fill in the brief 

You fill in the brief for us to realize our objectives.


Customer Database

We collect and coordinate the database of potential customers / pass your base.


Scripts of conversations 

We develop the commercial offer, write scripts of conversations, techniques of handling the objections.



We train managers and make test calls. We listen to records, make adjustments.



We call to your prospective clients, handle the objections, send out commercial offer, and define the conversion. 



You control the process, receive the daily reports, you get new customers.


For all time of our work, we have successfully worked together with many companies who are now our good friends and business partners!


Sia «Eleven»

A logistic company that does cargo transportation by all transport means.

Sia «Rols»

A manufacturer and a supplier of systems for functional trainings (crossfit).

Sia «S-Print Baltic»

Manufacturer of wide format digital printing.

UAB «Juros Konsultacijos»

Leading Lithuanian company in the field of river and sea transportation.

Sia «Aligorex»

Wide range of web-solutions (websites, web service, web systems) for business.

Sia «Promstal»

Supply of black and rolled metal production of steel structures.

Sia «Al fitness»

One of the most popular fitness club in Riga (Latvia).                   

Sia «BCS»

Professional services in cleaning up.    

Sia  «Lerix» 

A wide range of construction, restoration and design work.

Sia «Apkures katli»

Sale of Italian heating equipment and air conditioning systems.

Sia «ROSI Ltd»

Supply of high-level candy to all the major networks of Latvia stores.

Sia «Jaunas Riepas»

Internet shop, sale of tires from the major European manufacturers.

Sia «Arturas»

Sale of interior doors of all possible price ranges and types.

Sia «Ofitness Latvia»

Office stretching for increasing the productivity of employees with proffesional sport trainer in your office

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